Wednesday, November 28, 2012


      Hey whats up all!!! I wanna know something. Why do all guys like Megan Fox?? I have no idea, she is not even that hot. Well any ways, Im going to vistit Colorado in a week. I'm kinda happy and sad at the same time. I'm gnna miss all my people down here, but I also get to see people I havn't seen in year.
    I'm also scared to see the town, there made weed legal. It's going to be scary to see half the people high. I have never seen a lot of people high once. I mean my friends Nathen, and Preston get high bt not a lot of people do at my lil school. I think they are to affriad to.
   But yeah I just don't know.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Little Truth

   Hello again. How are you today? I've been okay. Well I don't have much to say. I've been pretty bored. Wisconsin is cold!! It was like 20 degrees. Yeah very very cold. But yeah you just gotta wear a lot of warm cloths. But today I didn't. So I was kinda stupid. So yeah now I'm gonna wear warm cloths.
    So yeah :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A little INTRO :)

            My name is Melanie Renee' Knuth. I'm 14 at the time. I live in Elk Mound, Wisoconsin. But that is not always alway where I have been. I was born in Colorado Spring, CO. I moved here over a year ago. My mom, Tracie, met my step-dad, Richie. I have one full sister, her name is Samantha but I call her Sami. I have 3 half sisters, Paige 5 moths old, Brittney who I have never met, April who has two kids and is 21. Then 2 half brothers, Lil' Johnny who is doing well he has 2 boys, and is int he military, Cody who I also never met but I think he is doing very well. I have one step sister Amanda who I dislike a lot. One step brother. David who is gay and smokes a lot of Pot. ( I have nothing against gay people.) And alot of step-step brothers and sisters, that I really don't wanna get into.
    When I was 8 my real father, Malcome, left us for my sister's babysitter and the time. It was a really hard time for my family, we all just kinda split of for a while, and still are. But after 4 years of problems my mom started talking to Rich. They went to highschool together. They talked over phone for atleast one year when he first flew in to Colorado. I only was with him for a day before he had to leave again. I couple months latter my mom wanted to move there, so we flew up there and looked for a house. We found one that was red and super pretty. A old barn house. So I moved up here. It was really hard time becuase I was away from my Grandma. We are super close, and it was just really hard. I never thought we would leave Colorado. But we did.
    I know I'm only 14 but I just wanna show you what I am like, and what I have been through. Thank You.. <3